Here are the Tellurian wines we’ll be chilling down for our entertaining as we come into the warmer days of spring. We are all dreaming of fresh salads and lush cheese boards and picnics; and just enjoying the outdoors again after winter. Read on for recommendations from the team.

Daniel Hopkins – 2017 Tellurian Rose (in bottle or magnum)

The decision to put our Rose in magnums was one of the best things we’ve done in ages. It just makes everything seem brighter and grander when you pour Rose from magnum! This wine combines shiraz, grenache, mouvèrdre and nero d’avola; think south of France meets Sicily. 2017 is savoury, dry, delicious; very drinkable; works with so many different foods from barbeque meats and seafood, salads to cheese.

Tobias Ansted – 2017 Fiano

This wine grows brilliantly well in Heathcote’s warm summer days and cool nights. When I tasted the fruit from 2017 when it was still on the vines I could already imagine how it would taste in the bottle; fresh, lively wonderful acidity with lemon and green apple flavours with some richness of honey from time in French oak barrels.

Tash Hopkins – 2017 Blanc (Marsanne, Fiano, Riesling)

This is a lovely white wine when you feel like something crisp, dry and luscious – great all-rounder for that gathering of friends with different tastes in wine. This is beautiful option that meets in the middle between chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. It’s perfect for downtime.

Ian Hopkins – 2017 Riesling

As a big fan of riesling I couldn’t avoid the temptation to put in a few rows of this variety, and in my defence the wine is beautiful. Our new vintage, 2017 is bone dry, but with lovely lemon, white jasmine florals, fresh acidity and an intriguing hint of minerality.